Stuff Genetic Relatives Want To Know

I have talked to hundreds of relatives who are strangers. Whether it be a 2nd cousin or a 10th cousin, we’re usually intrigued by each others traits. We want to know who got what in the genetic lottery. I’m not very secretsy so, hope this helps you. I will tell anyone anything within reason, it just has to occur to me that anyone wants to know it.

Based on my many conversations, this page should contain the LEAST of what genetic relatives want to know about each other.

  • Yes, I will help you find out who your father, mother, or other relative is. If that is the case, I believe you have a right to know, whether donor conceived, adopted, or just a product of the 70s (like me).
  • I am on GEDMATCH. Kit # A212018. My DNA is everywhere that I know to put it, you are welcome to it for whatever it can tell you.
  • I have done Promethease too. If you want to know what genetic markers I have for terrible diseases, and which ones I have that protect me from terrible diseases, I will send it to you if you request it.

Traits that I will readily admit

  • I have very blue eyes & I am currently putting a great deal of effort into finding out where this shade came from & how it has made its way in the genetic lotteries. I have blue eyed parents but their eyes are light blue with lots of yellowing. Mine have no yellow and they are a deep blue, crystal clear. If you are a genetic match and you have those, lets work together to find out who gave them to us.
  • I have a strawberry blonde hair that is closer to red in the winter.
  • I have fair skin.
  • My fair skin DOES NOT BURN. It tans nicely but takes a bit longer than I’d like.
  • I have a clear complexion & have had very few blemishes in my life.
  • I have a slender frame but as I approach 40 I am dealing with a spare tire & perhaps chicken wings. I am gonna get rid of them both.
  • My hair is very fine, but I have plenty of it. The advantage is that I only have to shave my legs once a month and I never stink. I can camp for a week and still not stink because I am not hairy, I guess. Its an envied trait. My sister is very hairy 🙂
  • I have strong nails, never need to get fake ones.
  • My ears are apparently undersized, because I cant find any earbuds that fit right.
  • Talents & Hobbies: writing came naturally, I hardly paid any attention in English classes. I can write praise worthy poetry I just don’t anymore. Photography, particularly fast moving targets. Martial Arts, not sure that came so naturally but I certainly have an affinity for it. Gardening… I suck at it, but every April I cant resist the temptation to dig and plant. So I do it. My crops are not as robust as my neighbors. Holistic Medicine, I learn everything I can about healing without pharmaceuticals but when western medicine is needed, I use it. I have healing herbs all over my yard because those are plants I can’t screw up 🙂 I love Reiki, Energy Healing, & anything to do with magnifying a humans own abilities. Reading, insurance contracts are not difficult for me to understand. Thus, I am in that industry because so many who are in it don’t know how to interpret the policy at all. I love to read, but I love to write more.
  • One known allergy associated with food: Onions, after lots of allergy injections I can now tolerate and enjoy them fully cooked. No raw onions ever. I don’t know anyone else with this bizarre allergy.
  • One known medication allergy for me: Plaquenil, its an anti- malaria drug. I hope I never get malaria. My oldest son is allergic to ibuprofen, very inconvenient. His face swells up. For him we most often use Willow Bark to treat fever & inflammation & add Burdock Root to it if he has an accompanying sinus infection. He can take Tylenol but he wont. He’s crunchy like me, he prefers to use what mother nature provides.
  • I was able to have 4 sons, but not without medical intervention. With my 2nd I nearly starved to death & had to be fed through IVs. With my 3rd, I would have died 100 years ago with no crash cart nearby. My 4th ripped my guts out, literally, they had to be sewn back in. They all should have been C section but I was very stubborn. It is safe to say I was not genetically built for childbearing. I would have had 10 kids if I could have. I expect other women in my family had this issue.
  • My children are blessed also with a natural ability to write beautifully. My oldest is 19 & has been working on a book since he was 15. It just keeps getting better every time he adds to it.
  • To my knowledge there are no learning or social disabilities in my direct paternal line. This is important because Autism is up to 1 in 60 kids now and it is believed to be genetic, so I felt compelled to address this here. My mothers side of the family has seen autism, and to my knowledge, there is no evidence that my fathers side has been affected by it. If you are related to me through my mothers line and want to know more about how autism has shown itself in order to make sense of your own experience with it, I am happy to share everything I know with you.

Alleged Traits. They Can Not Be Absolutely Confirmed Nor Denied.

  • I may be nosy. That’s what makes me a great genealogist. I will confirm “curious”.
  • I may have made a deal with the devil in regards to my bosom. I will confirm that I adequately provided nutrition for my children. Genetic blessing.
  • I may hold grudges. Allegedly for a long time after I’ve granted forgiveness. Say, 7 years.
  • I may be abrasive. I will confirm ‘consistent and practical’.
  • I may be an arguer of science. I will confirm that I am objective & recognize that facts are only facts until new evidence is introduced, in which case, fact may be nullified. Any decisions we make based on facts might not be the best decisions we could have made. I love science, but I am not easily influenced by facts & studies. If my intuition says a peer reviewed journal entry is full of crap, I trust my intuition. Regardless of disclosed facts. I don’t think that makes me an arguer.
  • I may possibly assume first that I am not the one who has a problem, instead I may seek to find ways to change the behaviors of others before my own. I can confirm that I am comfortable in my own skin, it’s good to believe in ones self?
  • I might be a mother bear. I will confirm that I would push my child off the tracks if a train was coming. A metaphorical train is still a train.
  • I may be aggressive. I will confirm that I am “protective”. If someone I care about is in a situation that is tough for them, my first instinct is to absorb the damage until I can destroy or neutralize its source. “Let them be mad at me”.
  • I may be underemotional. I will confirm that I handle difficult situations with ease. Example: Fatality claims that come in at work, I am the one who has to read the autopsies & coroner reports. I am the one who has to tell people they aren’t doing it right or good enough. I don’t cry, when I was a kid I learned that it doesn’t help. It gave me headaches.
  • I may be lazy. I will confirm that I dislike housework of any kind, to the point where I would rather work extra hours at the office so I can afford to pay someone else to work in my home. I call this energy efficiency. I would rather spend my time progressing & opening doors. Not a lazy thing.
  • I may see the world through rose colored glasses. I will confirm that I am optimistic. The possibility of doom does not dissuade me or cripple my ability to find alternate routes to my destination. Despair is not the boss of me. If a door is closed, I open it, that’s how doors work. My husband would tell me all of the ways the door is locked & how I am wasting my time or whatever. Then I go and kick the door down & he’s left thinking I am brilliant while I fail to see any brilliance, just common sense.

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