-Schumacher/Shoemakers: Quakers, converted from Mennonite. DNA confirms their placement & I am related to them on 2 separate branches. I love the Schumakers! They were thrown out of Germany because their Patriarch, Peter Schumacher, was handing out religious books & despite warnings he was still smuggling them to people. The book was called Warning to the World and it urged men to confess their sins & straighten up. He was fined & ordered to give up a cow, some bedding and building materials. He was caught again, and this time he just decided to see himself out of the entire country because he knew the gov’t was gonna end him. He almost died for that book! There’s lots of documentation about this incident on my Ancestry page. Many Shoemakers eventually went to Canada. I am learning more about them because they are closest in relation to me vs the ones who stayed in America.

The Shoemakers have great records except for the part where they first came here in the very first ship. All of the Pennsylvania Shoemakers who came over from Germany are related to each other, that is certain. There is just one troublesome part that makes it difficult to be CERTAIN about exactly where the first batch families connect to the second batch to arrive. I am working on that but, everything in my tree is currently in its best form. I think that I know, but am not comfortable with the circumstantial evidence I have so, I am waiting it out until I am more sure.