2a. THE 52 Stories

The 52 Story Genealogy Challenge Answers…

1. If I could live anywhere, where would it be? I don’t think this is easy for anyone to answer, especially me. If I had my way, I would not live anywhere & just travel to wherever I want to & stay as long as I want to. Home base would probably be Fiji or the Bahamas or someplace with white sandy beaches and water you can see your toes in.

2. Three Legitimate Fears I have… Probably the same as anyone’s. As a mother I fear that my kids will find themselves in an unsafe situation. I fear that none of them will want to take care of me when I am old. I fear that I am going to slip in the shower & they’ll find me naked.

3. A popular notion that the world has wrong… Just one huh? The world thinks we have to pick sides. Politically I am just sickened right now. I don’t know if we will get our heads out of our asses before it’s too late. My generation isn’t thinking dynamically & they’re not respecting discourse. Without discourse you are on a crash course. It takes all kinds to make the world go round, but right now, one political party would be very happy if the other just disappeared. That is dangerous.

4. Top 5 hobbies. Writing, because its like meditating. Reading about real things that I could live without knowing of. Like Reiki, Energy Healing, the Empath trait. All 3 are amazing & empowering things. Gardening because I like to have fresh herbs for both cooking and medicine. I love making medicine in my kitchen. There is so much that mother nature gives us. Photography is a passion, too. I use it for good things.

6. Games played as a kid. You mean outside? Inside? Inside I played Super Mario Brothers and Paperboy. I didn’t have any sibling age people around me so outside is a tough one. When I was outside I was hopping around the riverbank that I grew up on. Getting poison oak. (Answer #5 is linked to another page, I was always naughty)

7. Favorite part of my body & why. My eyes I think. Or my skin. I was blessed with both beautiful. I think my eyes because as I age, they wont droop, sag, wrinkle, or be otherwise unflattering. My skin has always been clear & with a good tone so I’ve been fortunate to not have to wear make up. Most days I don’t. So, there’s two 🙂

8. My Love Language? I am really surprised this is on the list of questions. I guess it says a lot about me that I do not know my love language. I have not spent much time in books that would identify that for me. I will say that I am not very dependent on compliments or romantic gestures. I don’t care about candlelight & beach walks. I don’t know if that’s a language. What do I care about? Make me laugh & I will love you forever. And travel, take me everywhere, & I will be happy forever. I am going to have to look into this now. Do most people know their love language?

9. Favorite relative. Ugh, I don’t know honestly. I assume you don’t mean my immediate family because I can’t have a favorite child. Its against the rules. Extended family… I put up with the few relatives I know just because they were my relatives. I have nothing in common with any of them. I am way out into left field as far as they’re concerned. After thinking about this a few weeks, I think I am gonna say my 2 uncles. They were Richard & Fred. Richard was hilarious, always retelling the same army stories over & over, how he’d play trick on soldiers and tie their bedroll up or something so when they got into it, they couldn’t get their feet in & had to remake their beds. And Uncle Fred because he had answers for everything. I was FULL of questions, he answered them all. Example: he once explained to me why the President doesn’t just take everyone’s money then share it equally among everybody so that we all have the same house, same car, etc. Children are the best socialists because one of the first things we are taught is to share, so why don’t grown ups do that? Well, there is a very good reason why that doesn’t work for adults 🙂 Primarily, people would have no incentive to raise the bar because it would yield nothing new. We wouldn’t have gone to the moon, or space at all. We wouldn’t have cutting edge medicine. We wouldn’t be the best at anything, ever. I understood that at I think 8 years old. So, Richard because he made me laugh, and Fred because he made me smart.

10. Movie time. I guess this is a reference to my favorite movies. First, I don’t watch movies more than once, by choice. I will if someone else puts it on but I wouldn’t ever choose to. That said, I wasn’t this way when I was a kid. I watched certain movies until I knew all of the words. Those are: St Elmo’s Fire, Dirty Dancing, Breakfast Club, Some Kind of Wonderful, About Last Night, 16 Candles, Pretty in Pink, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Beetlejuice, The Outsiders. If I think of more, I will make a mental note to add them. I haven’t seen any of those movies since I was a kid, & I am afraid to because I don’t want to find out if they’re not as fantastic as I thought. I can still remember Pretty in Pink making me cry every time at the prom scene. I am not a crying person, but I bet you, if I saw that movie today, I would probably cry just because it’s the thing to do. It’s what I did then & what I’d do now. I no longer cry at movies.

11. What do people misunderstand about me? Everything. I don’t think there is a person in this world who has seen or understands every layer of me. I understand myself perfectly, but there are so many versions of me because I’ve juggled energies all my life. I am who I need to be at the time I need to be it, and those personas are very simple. But I don’t think anybody on this planet has seen me just be me. That is a tough realization for me. I do not know if I know what is just “me” & not me channeling what I need to.

12. Gardening: I covered this in hobbies but I can say that I am not very good at it. Soon as I see signs of spring, I have this instinct to dig. And plant. But, I am not very good about keeping weeds out of my garden so every season, I am trying to find new ways to keep weeds & bugs out of it. And the dogs. The dogs LOVE to eat my crops. I have put up fences, they dig under. I’ve tried so many things. Next time, I am going to do a raised bed. That’ll fix them once & for all. Pfft… no, it wont.

13. Broken bones & other accidents. I’ve had 1 broken bone. My ankle when I was 9. I was racing a boy on a bike & he was winning. A collision occurred & we both got injured. I may or may not have caused the collision to avoid losing. OK, I caused it. I did. What does it say about me that I would rather be injured than lose?

14. Talk About 9th Grade. I will say that overall I loved it. I had some unfortunate experiences, but they weren’t tragic. I had a very handsome math teacher, Mr. Keating. He wasn’t just hot, he made me laugh. He always told the class a joke when we were starting to lose our patience with the assignments. One of the jokes he told I still remember the punchline on… there was motorcycle & a Lamborghini on the highway, the motorcycle would occasionally shoot ahead of the overpowered sports car then fall back again. Turns out the riders suspenders were caught in the Lambo’s door. Bahahaha! It was hilarious when a muscular, tall, tanned, hot man told it. 9th grade is when I stopped being so aggressive, for the most part. I was still somewhat of a firecracker but I didn’t choose to get into physical altercations as often. I had one fight in his class, that was it. And perhaps I really just wanted to be manhandled by the teacher & pulled off of the girl, I mean I didn’t think about it at the time but it sure worked out that way. It was junior high grades that I was most miserable to put up with. I didn’t even like myself.

15. All time favorite songs. This is harder than favorite movies. I can’t put them in order, that’s not happening so, in no order, here: Purple Rain by Prince. Everything about that song is brilliant & the energy Prince projected through it was felt even when I was very young. Forever Young by Rod Stewart. I haven’t heard it in 20 years I bet, but it is still one that I love. Rock Bottom by Wynona Judd, I will always love that one. Its not depressing, it’s a call to action. One of my favorite moms would tell me, “Shit or get off the pot” about issues I wanted to over analyze, that song means to say the same thing. There are many more that I couldn’t have lived without, I will just have to add them as I think of them. On a daily basis, I loved Metallica, I liked everything from the Black album on. Guns n Roses (Appetite). I loved anything with a great guitar lead. I loved Garth Brooks, Clay Walker.

16. Most embarrassing moment. Yeah, like I am gonna tell the truth about that. I probably don’t even know because I buried it so deep because it was humiliating & I am probably still humiliated when I think about it. I will give you AN embarrassing moment because it isn’t embarrassing anymore. There aren’t many because not much embarrassed me. When the entire school found out about my first kiss, that was unsettling. A blabber mouth that I considered a sister couldn’t stand to keep her mouth shut. She thought it was just sooo funny. So what I did was force my best guy friend to teach me. I wasn’t embarrassed to tell him that’s what we were doing today, but by Monday I was mortified that the entire school found out. I was teased which was ironic because of my nickname. They had way too much fun with my name being Ts & me making Del teach me how to kiss. Gosh do I want to really be totally honest? OK maybe after he taught me I also made my other male friends kiss me. There were so many ways I just wanted to know them all. I kissed them all. There, I said it. I kissed all of my favorite male friends & told them what I was doing & why. Not like all in the same room during the same incident but all in the same weekend. I tracked them down & it didn’t take much to make them do it. I was very matter-of-fact & almost professional about it. “This is what I need you to do, so do it.” Biggest mistake was telling the mouth of the south about it.

The worst part about this is that someone else was my boyfriend which is what drove me to this in the first place, I didn’t want him to know I didn’t know how. That Monday, I wanted the ground to open up & swallow me. If I could have hit an eject button to send me to the moon, I would have right then. I did not want to be confronted by the boyfriend, I did not want to have to declare exactly who I kissed but it got around & I couldn’t stand to be the one who had to apologize so I acted like I wasn’t sorry. The boy broke up with me after asking me if there was anyone else I wanted to kiss. I was too embarrassed to think to be cute and say, “Yes. You.” This was probably embarrassing for him too. By Tuesday I was of the mindset that I was now the BEST kisser in the whole school & the worst of it was over, I had taken off my embarrassed pants & put on my big girl pants. I owned my decision & behavior, I faced the girls I new had crushes on the boys I kissed, I tried to convince them that I hadn’t betrayed them. But the day before, I was very, very quiet. I didn’t even stay at school all day, I bounced out.

17. Typical Day In Current Life. Let’s see, yesterday I woke up & got right to work on a backyard project for my 8 year old. He wants a ninja warrior station. I finished the rope climb thing I was building him. Took me all day. I didn’t do anything but that. Today, I haven’t done much. I got out of bed & took Kenzen outside to shoot his bow, which he broke a little bit. So now I need to take it in for repair. Things I need to do are grocery shop, go to the ATM to get $80 to pay my hair girl when she comes over, & possibly clean my bathroom, even though “its not my job”. What I really should do is get onto the kid whose job it IS. I homeschool my 2 youngest kids, so I fit that into my days.

18. Favorite TV Shows. Anything unrealistic. I like superhero shows, magic based shows, anything where people have situations & solutions that we don’t have in real life. Right now I watch Arrow (I started that because my 8th cousin is the star in it, thought the least I could do is watch his show, it’s fantastic) then my son got me to watch Flash, then Legends of Tomorrow. I also watch Once Upon A Time, I loved Legend of the Seeker but was mad at how it ended. I like Game of Thrones. It started out a little raunchy but I got over it because it had dragons & the raunchiness cut down a bit. As for non-magic TV, that’s limited. I watch Bates Motel. Grey’s Anatomy but I don’t think its my favorite. It used to be great, now I just watch because I was invested 10 seasons before it went to crap. I watched Private Practice because it was a spin-off of Grey’s.

19. Pet Peeves: one’s eyebrows being rubbed backwards or looking as though they were rubbed backwards. When people pull their socks off by the toe, that’s like nails down a chalkboard for me. People who fart shamelessly, I want to beat them. I live in a giant man cave, & people’s right to embrace this natural thing is not respected by me. It is no longer natural when one squats, pushes the flatulence out, craps their pants, then wiggles their pant leg to let loose the crap they pretend is rolling down it. Yes, my sons do this & their father encourages it. This is why I sleep with my OWN blanket in my King sized bed. I do not appreciate being farted on. I have tried to get revenge, I am just not a good farter. I’ve tried to eat fart-building foods & it doesn’t work. Mine are pathetic.

In addition to fart hating, I can’t stand people who lean too far in one political direction. I accept people from all political sides, even though I am not passionately political & I can’t choose a side & I tend to flip flop on issues. But I can’t stand the idea that if one doesn’t agree with a certain social thing, that they deserve to be called names & told they should leap from a tall bridge. Example: I was advised to do such a thing after admitting that I don’t want men to pee standing up in the public restroom that I have to use. This does not make me any kind of a hater of persons, it makes me someone who doesn’t want to sit in pee or have it on the bottom of my shoes as I walk through the public place. What if I need to puke? I have to kneel down, where mixed pee is festering, to puke in the nasty toilet. Since there is no way to be certain that one is going to sit down on a toilet that a lady might also use, I strongly prefer separate bathrooms for sexes. This does not mean I am scared of anything other than pee on my toilet seat. So yeah, those are probably the only things that can get me all worked up that in the grand scheme are nothing. They won’t matter in 20 years.

20. What I’d Tell My 16 Year Old Self. Next question please. I will do this on a different day.

21. That Scary, Exciting First Dance. Was not scary or exciting. I could dance just fine, great in fact. It was being kissed that I was concerned about.

22. Job’s I’ve Had.

My very first job was at a produce packing shed. It was cherry season, my uncle worked there & hired me to work on the “cherry belt” picking bad cherries off so they wouldn’t go into the box & off to the store. I was terrible at that job, so they moved me to the fork lift, which I was better suited for, even though I was only 14. They didn’t exactly follow the rules there. I stayed through “onion season” which is funny because I am allergic to them. I was miserable allergy wise, but the boys who were working in my dept were cute so I stuck around.
2nd job: Denny’s/Waitress I was a great waitress, but I got bored of that quickly.

3rd job: Walmart/Lab Technician my job was in the photo lab, I did the chemicals for the 1 hour photo developer machine. This was before there were cell phone photos. I also did color correcting on peoples photo’s that were otherwise not worth saving. I also did everything to do with the black box. Ringing up customers was not part of my job, but I sure managed to get fired for doing it for a poor ol guy 3 minutes after we were closed. The real reason I was fired is because I witnessed sexual harassment & admitted it & stood up for the girl who was harassed by the manager (this was not actual physical harassment, but character defamation by way of spreading around my fellow employees private “mating habits”. Oh hell, let’s call it what it was. Slut Shaming. Our female boss slut shamed the female employee and I heard it all daily. Employee finally got tired of that, caused a scene. I was honest about what I witnessed, then I wrung up guy 3 minutes after closing and got fired. I am a little bitter. I was 19. I did try to sue, I learned quickly no lawyer would take my case against Walmart. Ironically, I later found out I am related to Sam Walton, the founder of WalMart! If I had only known who I was I could’ve spent some energy on making hell for that ol broad. This is another reason genealogy of ones biological family is important… you NEED to know who you are. Never know when it comes in handy.

4th Job: Pilkington Glass/Teamleader I made glass. I started this job at the “hot end” where the sand is melted down into the tub of liquid tin, burning at 1500 degrees. The sand turns into glass as it floats on the tin & cools for a quarter mile on the belt that never stops moving. I ended this job as everybody’s boss. Highest position a union member could have. I left this job because I lacked seniority when layoffs needed to happen & they reached me. I then had to train someone 20 years older than me to run my robots & tell everyone else what to do. I was the first woman & youngest person to be the “boss of” the glassmaking team. And I don’t care what anyone says about robots not having feelings, mine loved me as much as my human teammates did. And I loved them. They threw glass on every shift but mine. At this job, it could be notable here that I witnessed a tragic event that you can find in newspapers, it was a big deal. A woman was trying to move some big plates of glass and she used the crane to set up against a wall outside, and all of the sheets of glass fell on her. She lived, but it was a very bad day for us all, especially her. Moving glass with a crane isn’t easy, & after you’ve been doing it for awhile, you forget that it isn’t easy because it starts to feel easy & you can get careless. No one is immune. The size of the glass I made was for the windows very tall corporate buildings, and it was reflective & sometimes tinted and very pretty, but deadly. We also made smaller glass there, for cars, but that was not my area- it was much safer but still sliced people up. Nothing like the one you can find in newspapers though.

5th Job: Allstate I went into the insurance industry, just in time for 9/11 to happen on my shift. I could barely spell the word insurance, and on that day, I arrived at 6am to find out the towers were on fire. I tried to report to my usual position as a coach who listened in on sales teams phone calls (the 1800Allstate lines) then picked random ones to pull off the floor & coach on what they did wrong during the call which cost them the sale or made them look like fools. My supervisor, knowing I was licensed in the state of New York (as well as 6 other states), sent me to the phones to take claims. The call center in New York was obviously closed because those employees were not willing to stay at work during a terrorist attack, so my location was their backup. So, here I am out in California, put on back up along with the only other people in the building who were licensed in NY. There were 8 of us in total, to spread around a 24 hour shift. On my shift, the others went home due to stress after the first 2 hours, leaving me. I stayed that day from 6am to 3am the next day. Went home for 8 hours & came back for another long shift, that went on for many days. The calls were nothing I could have ever been prepared for, but true to my nature, I handled it well, didn’t cry or get diarrhea or anything that happened to the others & I got promoted a few levels. This is when I decided my stint in insurance wasn’t just until I was called back to my job at the glass plant, I decided that insurance was a real thing and it affected the lives of real people when it was not handled well. I also learned that the customers need an advocate. The one who works FOR their insurance company cannot advocate for them. So, I later became an independent agent, working for the customer, not the company. And, here I am now. Still handling the most tragic moments in people’s lives, but more often I get to be there for the best moments of their lives.

23. The Crush Who Never Knew He Was. HAH! it might come as a surprise but I do have one crush who didn’t know he had a place in my thoughts. His name was Steven. He had long hair, he looked like a God in my opinion. Long hair that was shaved around the sides but pulled back into a ponytail that hung just off the back of the head was the HAIR to have for guys, at that time. I think it evolved from those who had mohawks that needed to pony it on days they didn’t want to stand it up. I did not tell him how hot I thought he was. I chose to keep quiet because someone told me he dated older girls out of high school, and that he was always moving from one to the other. I was busy anyway & dedicated to my own interests, so I just admired from across the campus & only one friend knew… at first. She then told one other guy who was asking her about asking me out, and she said to him, “Yeah, if you can get to her before she works up the nerve to go sit on Steven’s lap.” The guy decided not to ask me out so there I was, the girl with the crush I wouldn’t step up to & the guys who wouldn’t ask me out because they knew my attention was elsewhere, watching them ask her out instead (sigh). No idea how many she swiped that way.

24. Favorite Books

Sharing Memories Week 25: Summer Time Fun During the summer, it depends on the age bracket. As a child, I lived right on the river, so I went down to it & it was usually peaceful. There was a rope swing, though, & high school kids used to swing from the rope & do tricks from it on the weekends. There was also a train trestle similar to the one in Lost Boys, and the guys would jump from it to impress the girls. It was funny when people went off the rope swing though because girls who were on the heavier side often landed their butts on a rock under the water they couldn’t see. The rope didn’t swing them out far enough. One time this guy promised me a Pepsi if I didn’t say anything to the girl about the rock. So I didn’t, & sure enough… she crowned her butt on it!

As a teenager, it was too hot to hang out in the dojo in the summer so I could be found anywhere there was a “water hole”. If I was in a hurry, there was this irrigation ditch we called The Wall. No idea why everyone called it that. But, it was a location we could usually pull up to, jump in for a quick dip then leave before the farmer caught us & chased us off. It was off of 8 Mile Road in Stockton & it was a known place for many kids to be chased out of, the farmers tried many ways to keep us out. Sometimes I could be found at water slides, pools (but I didn’t care for chlorinated water, still don’t) & if nothing else, a waterhose would suit me just fine. Anything better than sweating half to death. I don’t care if I was raised in Cali, one NEVER feels good about 110 degree sunshine.

Sharing Memories Week 26: Prom Night, Fun or Disaster?

First prom, I went for the purpose of stealing a boyfriend to prove a point to a villainous trash talker who was caught making fun of me for not having been asked up to that point & told someone she was taking it upon herself to get me a date. I was a sophomore, & the thing that made a girl cool was getting asked by one of the Jr-Sr guys. So, I explain in my book exactly how this came about. If I ever publish it, that means I finally came to terms with the truth of my ornery disposition. If I don’t then all ya need to know is that I got even & that her boyfriend asked me to prom, leaving her to woo for another way to get there. I learned at this prom not to ever wear a long dress to a prom. People look like idiots dancing in formal clothes. Overall: not a disaster for ME.

Second prom, I only went because I had no choice, since proms really weren’t my idea of a good time. My friend wanted to go, he had no date, and I owed him this favor. I went ahead and wore a dress, pantyhose (torture) & heels. I even agreed to get my nails done. Contrary to everyone’s predictions, I walked beautifully in heels but I dared not try dancing. I took the shoes off for that. I didn’t complain about the day, I just let my buddy have fun knowing that we were going & that his date was going to be hot. My bestie also went, it was a double date thing even though on both ends it was not a date. Just friends having a good time.

Sharing Memories Week 27:  First Break Up This boy is Tyson. Cause of breakup: humiliation. He was the nicest boy, he walked me to school every day. He’s the reason I ever got there on time. He’d arrive early to wake me up if he thought he was going to have to. I had to contact him to find out why we broke up because I could not recall exactly. He reminded me why I chose to forget! Because we finally tried to kiss & knocked our teeth together. The embarrassment killed us. We never wanted to see each other in that way again. To see each other was to face the humiliation that was the first kiss for both of us. I thought he thought I was the idiot and I guess he thought I thought he was. Neither of us knew the other had never done it. We were 14. It was only one of those fast kisses, it’s not like we went the way of the french, and we still screwed that up. This is the reason for my kissing phobia & why I handled the next one, like a year later, way differently & much more proactively. That part will be in my book but right now, its here lurking on the website somewhere, & if I never publish it then I am OK with no one ever knowing how I approached that.

Sharing Memories Week 28:  Family Vacations, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly These didn’t really exist for me. Sometimes my grandma dragged me out to her bluegrass festivals where she played in a band for old people, & I would NOT call this a vacation. Not by any stretch. She had a great time showing me off & getting compliments on my behalf & telling everyone I look just like she did at the same age. We would take her big ol’ Winnebago RV to wherever her event was & stay the weekend. I went to 3 of these before I put the kibosh on that. She made up for these miserable trips when I finished high school, she took me to the Bahamas. I DO need to get that trip into the book somewhere 🙂 At least the tour part where we broke down with all the other tourists in our bus that had bullet holes in it & was duct taped in many places.

Sharing Memories Week 29:  Chores- What Kid Loves ‘Em? I did not have any chores when I was growing up. Well, unless a friends mom assigned them to me. Only ONE mom ever got me to do chores.

Sharing Memories Week 30:  Describe a Time When You Were Tattled On Oh boy, which time? I was tattled on so much right up until I taught people what happens to those who tattle on me. They became the ass end of my next shenanigan. No one wanted that. One short example: I unscrewed a teachers chair one time, loosened the part that holds the back onto the seat. She sat in it, leaned back & her feet went over her head! I can still give myself a chuckle out of that when I think of it!

Sharing Memories Week 31: Describe The First Time You Remember Being Spanked I was NEVER ever spanked. Not even once. I mean, I had no parents, so, who was really going to do it? Other adults don’t usually put their hands on someone else’s kid. I was untouchable. There was this one time though, my cousin had had it with me. He held my head over the toilet & threatened to flush my hair. I had to bargain out of that. He did this on a couple more occasions when I didn’t know aikido yet & had no idea what to do to get away. Once I learned, he never even got me down the hall towards the toilet.

Sharing Memories Week 32: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire A time when I lied. Trying to think of a time I was caught lying because if I wasn’t caught, then I won’t be admitting here or anywhere else that it was a lie, right? If I lied it was because it was worth lying about. Oh! I got one! I was about 10, at my bestie’s house. Her mom made this terrible pasta for us. I was shoveling it into my mouth & carrying it to the back porch where I was spitting it in the trash. She busted me, with a mouth full of it, heading back there & she pretended she needed to go there too. I had just told her, while I was sitting at the table, that it was good & I liked it. There I was on the porch & she was talking to me & I tried to get away to go to the bathroom or a sink or anywhere I could go. She followed me. She was onto me. She asked if I thought she had never been 10 & carried her food to the trash before. I was so embarrassed, ashamed, and I didn’t know what to do or say. So I made up another lie. Then another. Any excuse to cover up that I wished to waste it. She hated us wasting food & I did it a lot because I was very finicky. I gotta text my bestie & make sure she remembers that whole thing!

Sharing Memories Week 33: What Did You Do When You Visited Grandma Well, I kind of lived with grandma most of the time. But when I didn’t, I guess I went there to eat… or take a shower. We didn’t bake together or anything, if that’s what most people would expect the answer to be. She worked swing shift, she was never there.

Sharing Memories Week 34: Describe 5 Strengths You Have Well, those are hard to identify. They are also my weaknesses. What people most often THINK are my strengths are as follows: Fearless. Intuitive. Energetic. Secure. Low Maintenance. When I channel them correctly, they are strengths. But when I am not paying attention… they make the people I care about feel like I don’t care about them.

Sharing Memories Week 35: List 10 Things You Would Hope To Be Remembered For I would hope that… hmm… umm… 10 things? That’s like a whole page by itself. I will come back to this one.

Week 35: What motto or creed do you live by: The woman who is known only through a man is known wrong. -Henry Adams

That is a sore subject for me so that’s all I have to say about that.

Week 36: What are the barest essentials you would need to make a house a home wifi, a computer desk/chair and a basic kitchen.

Week 37: What Do You Love Most About Where You Live Now I love that it is no more than 2 hours from most places I want to go to “get away”. Ocean, mountains, snow, rivers, lakes. Yosemite is just over an hour.

Week 38: What is something you taught yourself to do without any help from anyone else Easier to list things I did not teach myself to do. I had help learning to drive. My friend taught me to wash dishes/load a dishwasher & do laundry.

Week 39: Most important & valued friendships in your life My bestie, Dana. She has been my best friend since we were 7 years old. We met in a field across the street from my house. We were playing in the ditch, and when the street lights came on, she had to go home but she made sure to tell me before she went that her birthday was on Tuesday & party was at 7. I went & we’ve been tight ever since. She means the world to me. Distance nor time has never broken our bond or our trust in each other.

Other than her, I have to say that Danny has been there for me since I was 13. When I need him he is there, even still.

That is who tops the list as people I would not want to ever be without in this life.

Week 40: Who are some important mother figures besides your own mother who have been influential in your life?

Week 41: What Extra Curricular Activities Were You Involved In?

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