Ingersoll Genealogy

Simon or Symon Ingersole/Ingersoll (1610 – 1647)
10th great-grandfather John Symon Ingersoll Sr (1640 – 1695) son of Symon  John Ingersoll Jr (1674 – 1733 son of John Symon Ingersoll SrJosiah Ingersoll 1718 – 1806) son of John Ingersoll Jr GIDEON INGERSOLL (1742 – 1826 son of Josiah Ingersoll Rebecca INGERSOLL (1769 – 1844)daughter of GIDEON Ingersoll Readford Alyea (1806 – 1864) son of Rebecca Ingersoll Phoebe Jane Alyea (1823 – 1920) daughter of John Readford Alyea Eugene Loyd Lumley (1863 – 1935) son of Phoebe Jane Alyea Eugene Rufus Lumley (1905 – 1947) son of Eugene Loyd Lumley Robert Eugene Lumley (1934 – 2010) son of Eugene Rufus Lumley


First… There is NO way I can share everything I know about my Ingersolls on this page. I only intend to share my favorite things & things that may encourage other Ingersolls to want to know more. If I can make you want to know more, then there’s half a chance you’ll go outta your way to wanna help me learn more, too.

Every person listed in my direct pedigree is verified as to their placement in my tree, DNA confirmed (as far as it could be) through living cousins who also share the line. I’ve got a lot to say about this family, they had lots to do with establishing our country & then establishing Canada. I don’t even know how to put it all into order, so… I keep putting it off. 

Huntington, along the north shore of Long Island is where my Ingersolls first settled.

A Little Background

The Ingersolls came to America in two waves. Which wave got here first is a Chicken/Egg fight. One ship arrived & those Ingersolls hung out in Massachusetts. The next ship arrived & those Ingersolls hung out in Long Island then went onto Stamford, Ct & stayed awhile. The Long Island Ingersolls is where I focus because my grandfather is a Long Island Ingersoll. It is believed by genealogists that the two groups of Ingersolls are closely related because of the naming patterns plus some other logical reasons, however, none of us can find that infallible written proof. I intend to be the one to find it. Just saying. In fact I think I already did but I am not saying it all out loud until it’s verified, but for any other genealogists looking at this line, look at the year 1537.

Let’s get started with these Ingersolls

-John Ingersoll born in 1640 is my 9th Great Grandfather & he came to America in 1652 with a Puritan colony. I am not sure how he got here though, because by the time he was 7, both his parents were dead. Who dropped him off over here?  He lived in Northampton, MA for a bit. By 1673, he was in Huntington & died there & his descendents settled later in Stamford. Somehow, even being orphaned as a child, he wound up very wealthy.  He married the widow of Daniel Whitehead, so perhaps he just married up. My current supposition is that an Ingersoll he was related to sent for him, probably the fella in Westfield, Massachusetts.

Old Burying Ground Ghost Tours

-John Ingersoll born in 1615 is said to have arrived in America first but, its disputed because there’s no record of anybody there prior to the colony that settled in 1652. He died in Westfield & is apparently still lurking around out there. Both Johns got here, is the point, & they share many family names but we never see them in the same room together, so…

-Simon Ingersoll, of the global industrial company Ingersoll Rand, is my 4th cousin. He has a great story, half of which is sitting in my blog drafts waiting to be finished so it can be read & enjoyed.







Ingersoll Beauty Quote
A cute thing found in a book that makes me laugh. Personally, I am not all that into beauty but I always smile when I see this as peoples profile images on Ancestry.