Genealogy- Works in Progress

I am going to try to make my scratch notes reader friendly because I know search engines will crawl the page & direct people here if they mash all the right buttons. Something in here might help somebody.

Because I don’t get to stick to just one family until I am done with them, I have to keep notes so that I remember who I’ve thoroughly verified until there is no question left about their placement in the tree and then remember who I am desperately seeking more info on & can’t move on without. If I don’t take notes (or lose the notes I took) I am likely to revisit & scrub the same ancestor twice, then forget where I left off the last time I researched them & it’s an insane cycle. I wish I could just stick to one line until I am through with them, but genealogy doesn’t work that way. It bounces you around until you are dazed & dizzy then throws a curve ball right at your eye. I made neat icons for some ancestors so that I wouldn’t have to take notes, I can just see at a glance that I’ve already worked him for all he’s worth. Even still, notes are never going to be obsolete in genealogy.


Notes to self:

Millicent Steelman Ingersoll- There is something fishy with other people’s ancestry accounts on this lady. Some are claiming that she married Samuel Ingersoll, but that cant be, because he would have been 7 years old when he married her. I am surprised by the number of people who didn’t catch this in their tree (I shouldn’t be). I found that there is a Millicent in Connecticut that is being mistaken for the Millicent that married John Ingersoll. This mistake is causing many people to think lots of other wrong things about this line. My file is correct & supporting documents are attached.





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