Genealogy Money. Yeah, it’s a thing!

My site will always be free to anybody researching Ingersoll genealogy. Period.

Especially because this link is broken right now.

With that said, you MAY donate if you’d like to speed me up a little. Genealogy IS expensive after awhile. It will nickel and dime you half to death. How so? Well, if you can’t prove your lineage, you may as well just make it all up. Without documents & paper trails, there is no integrity. I LIKE integrity.

I am particularly interested in records from other countries, we’ve got leads on a few good stories but, I won’t tell them until I have proof that they ARE in fact, my people & my stories to tell. I do not care if nobody donates, EVER, I will still post information as often as I can. If it’s my own money I am spending, I get to decide when to spend it. But if it is yours, I feel an obligation to quickly turn up with new information. If you’re getting impatient, by all means, I will take your money.