Celebrities & Misc Famous People

Why do I even have this list? Because, sometimes, when I contact someone who doesn’t want to go out of their way to give me their family names, I can woo them with their potential relation to said celebrity. It’s CousinBait. I’ve gotten an entire branch added by reeling my relatives in this way. Whatever works. I hope said celebrity doesn’t mind taking one for the team.

When I am not helping a donor conceived or parties to adoption find their biological family, I get to work on my own tree. I love it when that happens & get carried away sometimes & stay up all night.

I do find celebrities in my tree, & I love it, you know why? Mostly because all of their information is already on the internet. I just have to verify some other genie’s work which sure beats also also having to be the one to find it. It’s even better if they were entertainers because then I can read their energy too. It doesn’t matter if they’re dead & it doesn’t matter if I can only see them in character. I am that good. And if I am not, who cares, they don’t. They’re dead. And, as a plus, I will never find out that I am not actually all that good.

And… because someday I am going to get the nerve to ask one of them to go on a Who Do You Think You Are show so that I can use the info found on their behalf towards my own tree. Their ancestry is my ancestry too, so it’s the ultimate cheat. It’s not really a matter of nerve, per se, because I have plenty of that. It’s a matter of allocating my time & scheduling in the possibility of being arrested because they aren’t that easy to get in front of. I know because I’ve been in front of a couple already & it’s not a thing you just decide you’re gonna cross off your list one day. It is much easier to find out who their family historian is & grill them for what you want. (aside: I have not been arrest, yet.)

I send out about 30 messages a day collaborating with people who are working on the same family lines I am, so I get to talk to lots of great people, and I have been lucky enough to get the family historians to admit or confirm what I think I’ve stumbled on & provide additional info. If I have a celebrity listed, you can bet that I have gone through the branch, checked it twice, dotted the I’s & crossed the Ts. There wont be any mistakes at the point that you find them listed here. If you are related to me, you might be related to them too. It’s great incentive to do your genealogy to find out! Or not.

I do not post identifying information about living celebrities that I am related to, but I share about the dead ones. Unlike with our living ones, if psycho stalkers go after them, there’s not much damage they can do. I do not typically contact the living celebrities unless I have a good reason to. Maybe I should because if they weren’t a celebrity I certainly would, so I feel kind of discriminate. That said I am a genie, I can find anybody, I know exactly where they are if I need a kidney 🙂 On my tree, I leave the 2 generations above the living celebrity marked alive so that my tree doesn’t lead another person, who may not be authentic, to their tree. It’s just good etiquette I think.

There are a few more I could add here but, I see issues with the research of others & I would have to be willing to spend hours cleaning it up & I don’t wanna. So, you won’t find them here because the paper trail is ambivalent or in some cases, dubious. Without DNA, they aren’t making it here.


-Very, very famous country singer- we share 7th grandparents. That is still too much DNA to run off into the sunset with. I don’t much like running into sunsets anyway. Those are the most painful things I’ve ever run into & I run into a lot of things.

-3 NFL football superstars- almost cannot get any better- 8th cousins on 2, 6th cousin on 1 but he’s double so genetically it’s more like 3rd. My children are flattered by this moreso than I. To me, the only thing interesting about football players is that they have muscles and I like muscles, so its kind of awkward if my cousins wearing them.

A endeared Race Car driver, who may or may not be related to the endeared dead one below. I would like to drive his car & I probably will ask to someday. There is high octane racing fuel in the blood of my right foot.

A couple Canadian actors- I was not very happy to confirm this, by the way, because it made watching them on TV awkward. I am still kind of in denial. This was the worst news, ever. I could overlook the incidental shared DNA, except for the fact that one of them, I am 8th cousins with down 2 different family lines which doubles the DNA, so the denial is not holding up too well. This really sucks for me, but for my son, its thrilling.


Dearly Departed

Marilyn Monroe 7th generation Paternal Line

Dale Earnhardt – 8th cousin Paternal Line

Jim Henson- 6th Cousin Paternal Line

Lucille Ball- 8th Cousin- Maternal line

Samuel Wardwell- hung in the Salem Witch Trials, along with his dog. This is my kids 8th great grandfather.