And If You’re Really Nosy

If you’re really nosy, you’re going to love this section. Some pages are password protected, if you really are intrigued, message me on twitter, I will give it to you. It’s not that it’s SECRET, I don’t think I have anything secret, but maybe just not ideal for a public page.

When you are so fascinated by ones transparency that you just HAVE to know more, you’ll enjoy this section. I am beginning to take myself apart for the sake of my descendants. I am not sure how far I am going to take it.

All of my life, I have fascinated people with my life story. I was not given the opportunity to have a boring life. I didn’t have parents & there were very few family members I knew. I was kind of a Kimmy Gibbler with a bit of Alanis Morissette- maybe a little more Alanis. In that link, there’s a clip of a Kimmy scene. Jesse leans over & says, “Kimmy, do me a favor: don’t help”. I heard that a lot. I knew that most people were softer but I didn’t have to be so I wasn’t. I chose who I wanted to call family. I made myself at home everywhere. People welcomed me everywhere. Almost everywhere, I couldn’t go a few places if I didn’t have my shoes on. Which was often.

This is the story of a girl who learned everything on the fly. I had a few breaks here and there on account of a special gift called Intuition (trust me, not everyone has it). Sometimes I just knew things. A lot of times, actually, I just knew important things. I was smart & I learned fast. The universe had a way of downloading information into my head right when I needed it. I didn’t necessarily think EVERYTHING through, as you will learn from the stories, but I managed to make it to adulthood without doing anything I couldn’t undo. No addictions, no serious regrets. Quite an accomplishment all by itself for a girl who was raised “on the streets” by the whole village.

There are chapter length pages here telling you exactly how I did it.