ArrowHere’s your sign 😂  I mean… Your line. I’ll try to make it make sense. If you’re on this page already, consider that I told you about it before it existed. I’m sure there’s better form it can have but, I’m in a truck, on the freeway. I will update it when I get opportunities to.

Here is My Line. You will notice that we have the same 8th Grandfather. From there, you are Ingersoll for 4 generations until an Ingersoll daughter married a Thorpe. They begat a daughter who married a Beaty who then married a Bolte.

Ingersoll family: They are your Vikings (well, of that heritage anyhoo). They made Canada (a town is even named for them). One key person (for me) is Simon Ingersoll of Ingersoll-Rand. He didn’t have anything to do with Canada himself, but he is the American representation of the Ingersoll line. He invented a drill that changed the world. Yes, the world. What may also be interesting to you is that the Ingersoll came to America with the Whitehead family.

Schumacher family: They all but made America. They were Mennonites in Germany but they ended up becoming Quakers when one of them wrote a book called “Warning to all Men.” It was a religious book & it was not completely in line with the beliefs of the Mennonites, so he & his people were fined several times in court, and ultimately thrown out of Germany. They were among the first to arrive in America.

An Ingersoll begat a Thorpe who begat a Beaty who then married a Bolte. It took a few generations but, you are a direct descendant of an Ingersoll. There aren’t as many Ingersoll’s as there should be when considering how long they’ve been here. 


The Ingersoll family is a very quiet one with lots of interesting branches. If these people wanted to brag, they’d certainly have a license to. They didn’t have to though, because everyone else did plenty of bragging for them. They were humble & they were a big part of establishing Canada. They were only in America a short while, and as soon as the American Revolution ended, MOST of them headed north. They were British Loyalists, so they had little incentive to stay on American soil. Things were a bit tense. But, not all Ingersolls left. A few fell in love in America & love can make you do crazy things. The American women must’ve really been somethin’ else! You might be able to relate.

I’m writing a book about them which is a follow up to one written 100 years ago. That’s why I know so much. The Ingersolls of present day are really difficult to chase down, but like them, I’m tenacious. My goal is to show that they are every bit as wonderful today as they were “back when”. I’ve found a couple that makes this claim easy to prove. Nik Ingersoll, he made the Forbes 30 under 30 last year. He created Barnana. Unfortunately I don’t like bananas, but he is pretty interesting. Grew up in Nebraska, obviously he came from the Ingersolls who stayed in America & they roughed it. He was not a kid with a trust fund, so everywhere he is today is just that Ingersoll grit.

Another present day branch of Ingersolls are right up your alley, in the wine biz! They are perfectly inappropriate & hilarious. They import wines, but I don’t know much beyond that, yet.

There are several Ingersolls in the public eye. They have this thing that just calls them out of the shadows. If you plant an Ingersoll in the depths of hell, they won’t stay a minute longer than they mean to.

Simon Ingersoll is a cousin of yours & he created the rock drill that made Ingersoll Rand what it is today. I have a fantastic blog in the drafts that tells his story. I may publish it this century if I stop getting distracted.

Also worth mentioning is Laura Secord, she’s actually an Ingersoll- heroic, they say. I have not calculated your exact relationship but I THINK it would be 7th cousin. In order to find out, I have to search & put together an entire line of the Canniff family & that task has its place in line of things I will eventually do. She thwarted my people’s planned attack on the brits, so I am gonna get to it.

Take away: the Ingersolls were beautiful people. Inside & out. I wanted to follow their line to see where they are now & I’m not sorry yet. There are a few of their lines that are a bit strange, sure, there is ONE crazy story that I won’t publish but I will tell you about it. I will riddle you this about it: What other word can you make with the letters R E D R U M?

Below is a tidbit from a book that was written about the Ingersolls.

Ingersoll Beauty Quote