Marilyn’s Genealogy

So, I’ve known for awhile that I was related to Marilyn Monroe, but I’ve never really thought to make too much of a fuss of it. I managed to do good with My line but, for whatever reason, there just isn’t much of a “nag” in my soul to do any research on her other lines that appear to be unrelated to me so this is as good as it’s gonna get for awhile. I felt like I needed to post this here because so many people on Ancestry have gotten the Sarah’s in this line all mixed up. The right order needed to exist somewhere that was not a paid site if there was any hope of  the truth becoming a bigger deal than the errors. 

I have a story that others in my family might find interesting, so I am sharing it. It’ll be below the genealogy stuff.

The grandparents I share with Norma Jean are: Richard Lane & Sarah Fuller. They are her maternal grandparents & my paternal. I will share anything you want if you are a descendant of these two. If you aren’t, my stuff won’t help you, but you can have it anyway. If you have an ancestry account, the links below will work for you. TsHotMess is the name of my tree, and I know that doesn’t sound encouraging but, whad’ya gonna do?

If you are researching your own connection to her from scratch, be very careful with the “Sarahs”. A few people have the Sarah’s in this line all mixed up. I have gone great lengths to use my DNA & anyone else’s from her line who was willing to send it to me in order to verify as many levels as possible. There are a few of my aunts & uncles that are stragglers without a connection but, since there are very few alive who are related to her, and even fewer who will give up their DNA, it could take a few more generations to get them all genetically accounted for.

Marilyn Monroe (1926 – 1962)
7th cousin 1x removed
Della Mae Hogan (1876 – 1927)
mother of Gladys Pearl Monroe Baker
Tilford Marion Hogan (1851 – 1931)
father of Della Mae Hogan
George Washington Hogan (1816 – 1887)
father of Tilford Marion Hogan
Zachariah Hogan (1784 – 1850)
father of George Washington Hogan
John Hogan (1758 – 1798)
father of Zachariah Hogan
Richard Lane (1702 – 1770)
father of Silence Lane (Hogan)
Dutton Lane Sr (1730 – 1801)
son of Richard Lane
Belinda Norman (1807 – 1870)
daughter of Elizabeth “Betsy” Oaks Lane
David Absalon Stultz (1871 – 1948)
son of William Jasper Casper Stultz
Beyond this point, my people are still alive.


To me, celebrities are just humans, & I don’t really have much of a fandom personality. However, recently, I decided that for the first time ever, I was gonna go visit Marilyn so that I can say I did. I noticed the door to her crypt looked newer. Not just recolored by the ridiculous amounts of lipstick people kiss on to her crypt, but really newer. I went into the office & checked in with the management. Apparently people creep around in the grave yard at night & if they can catch security sleeping on the job, vandals will muck around with her resting place. They told me there was no next of kin for Marilyn listed in the files, no one had stepped up to replace the last listed person who was now deceased. This means that if anything undesirable should happen to her crypt, they have no one to call to notify. There is no one to follow through & press charges & see to it that the sick vandal is punished by law.

Well, I can’t have that. That doesn’t work for me. Just because she is ridiculously famous doesn’t give me license to ignore that she is blood related & just walk outta there saying, “Yeah just call her fan club”. So I did a useless thing & went ahead and put myself on record as a person they can call if Marilyn should experience any unfortunate circumstances & need an additional advocate. I mean, I am several generations down from her & she was dead before I was born, but still, family is family & until someone else steps up, I am better than no one at all. I just had to provide the vital records which were in the cloud anyway so it was very easy to get my name scribbled in (no place truly official). It really means nothing at all, since her power of attorney makes every decision there is to make, but I still figured it was a nice gesture to be on file so that the answer about any kin would now be “Yes”, even if I have no power. If I were dead, I would appreciate a relative stopping by. I would encourage other relatives to do the same. Hearing, “We have no kin at all on file anywhere” just seemed crazy to me.

Now, I hope nothing ever happens where I am called because, um what the hell do ya do when your deceased kin comes up missin’ from the crypt? “Anybody got the surveillance footage? Can we see what direction she ran off in? Did she have her purse with her?” I am at ease knowing they’ve got a camera pointed right at her door so if vandals return, it will see them. Aside from vandals, there is another threat to her crypt. There are some other distant family members of hers trying to have her body moved back east… rather than hear it on the news first I might just get a phone call, maybe.

Then I got to thinking… the MOST famous woman in this whole world- not just in the United States, but the ENTIRE world… is my cousin. We share grandparents. She died young but if she had not, I would have known her. You could say, “nah, 7th cousins who are both alive don’t usually know each other”. Typically that is true, but in this case, that wouldn’t be true because our families were in close proximity to each other through most of the generations. It wasn’t until after Marilyn was an adult that people got scattered around. My great grandmother knew her. So, I guess maybe she deserves a little more respect from me than what I’ve given. I at least need to acknowledge how fabulous she must have been in order to captivate the entire world. Women everywhere envied her, tried to copy her, be her, steal her grace, energy etc. And men… they practically drove themselves clinically insane trying to get her attention.

While I was in the cemetery office discussing Marilyn & talking to everyone about genealogy (in general), a woman has been overhearing my conversation with the staff. She then met me outside Marilyn’s crypt, which she had come to visit. She told me she had just picked up a book at an estate sale and it was a rare find. It was all about Marilyn & had a photo of her on every page with the authors hopelessly devoted affection declared opposite each image. I didn’t want to take her “rare find” but she insisted. She got it from her car, then wanted a photo of us together with the book. All just because I am Marilyn’s cousin & had just verified it in the cemetery office. That was a bit flattering! She asked me what I thought of Marilyn, and I readily admitted that she probably knows more about Marilyn than I do. I have never seen a single movie she was in, never read a single book about her, I just knew that she’s my cousin & that’s all I needed to know to have enough reason to care about being listed in her file. She was so intrigued by this, she said she at first didn’t know why she chose to pick that book up, but now she knew that it was meant for her to give it to me, & it was to be the book that introduced me to my cousin. I was happy to take it at that point because she got to my feelers by being so emotional about it. I glanced at the photos, then I read a couple paragraphs of the first page. I determined that this author was shamelessly infatuated, to maybe an unhealthy degree, & he had no problem shouting so from the mountain tops. I could not stand to read more than a couple paragraphs, the old sap was just miserable living his life without her in it. He thought she walked on water! That she was genuinely Gods gift to men. Who am I to say he is wrong? But, I closed the book.

Marilyn Book Pic
This woman’s name is Terry, and she loved it that my nickname is Terrie. She sent me a copy of our selfie.

This sweet woman I met at the grave also asked me what I thought really happened to Marilyn. I again stated that I have never read any of the reports or theories or opinions, but that my gut feeling is that she did not intend to die that night & I had absolutely no grounds for that other than it’s what I feel. Standing there outside her crypt, I was compelled to answer on the spot & even after saying I didn’t know, that I had not even read the death report, she still wanted to know what I thought. And, so I asked myself what I thought. Seems to me that whatever happened, she didn’t intend to die. Now, I wonder if I am coincidentally right. So, to give myself one more thing to do, I decided to look at my genealogy notes, take them a bit further, bring everyone to life that leads up to her & then see what more I feel about her, without ever reading anything Hollywooded that could influence me. After I think I’ve figured it all out, I will then read the police report, read the books, watch the movies & any other thing anybody has put out. And, I will see how much of what I think is true really is verifiable as truth & how much of it makes sense. Why? Well because I think she deserves a fair shake. I want to know who she was before she was Marilyn because that’s the girl my great grandmother knew.

Maybe, when I am done with the line Norma Jean & I share, I will know so much more about who died when Marilyn was born & how to reconcile both personages. Seems like a great genealogy project to me. The world cares about Marilyn. They don’t necessarily care about her truth, but they care about any ol thing anyone ever wants to say about her just because OMG it’s about Marilyn, so it must be true. Aside from fooling around with whether I am right or wrong about her death, I probably should be a cut above & research Norma Jean first. After that, maybe I will care about the work of art that she turned herself into as Marilyn. She was proud of it, I will be proud of it too. But, Marilyn isn’t first priority on my geni-blog. She is 2nd to the only person she will EVER be second to: Norma Jean. You’re welcome to discover with me, and in the end, not only will I see if I agree with myself that she did not intend to die that night- with any luck, I will be able to discern what is true about her and what is just her fan club making money. That way, when I am cornered at the cemetery again, I have something juicier to send them off with. Or maybe I could just spin up a plot twist & start a new rumor. Kidding… joking, kidding. Her fans would hand me ass to me on a platter.

I am now in touch with one other branch of her biological family, also related on her moms side just like I am. They are very disgruntled by her fan club. They say there are so many lies, and when they’ve confronted the fan club with the truth & proof of it, they claim that the club responded, “This is a for-profit business.” Basically, that family branch feels the club doesn’t care what the truth is, just that they continue to make money. I don’t know if that claim is true, I am just a genealogist who wants to know whatever I can verify & reconcile.