Read first: Welcome to my webs.

Hi! I’m Ts, the genealogist. AKA T’s, the Genie. You can learn that story in “About T’s, The Genie”.

This website is where I’m trying desperately to organize info that I want to share with those who share my lineage or care about it for some other reason. I share everything about ancestors on this site, whether I paid for it or came by it free, I share it with you for free.

In real life, I’m an insurance agent, but when I’m not saving the world that way I enjoy taking the time to reflect on those who were saving it before me. We have a lot to learn from them if we’re willing to listen. They still have a lot to do with everything. If you stick around in my webs long enough, you’ll learn just how much.

I’m also a mother to a child actor, and when he’s on set, I can be sitting around for HOURS with nothing to do. That’s when I work on this website. The more he works, the further this blog goes. In fact, he owes his career to my genealogy habit. He told me for over a year he wanted to be an actor, but I didn’t take it seriously until I learned how many people in my lineage were in the public eye. Then I realized that this might not be a phase, he might need to be taken seriously. He’s got what it takes, it’s in his blood. If you hang around this site long enough, you’ll gather clues that may tell you who these notable people are. As for my son, better that I help him now do a little acting & there rather than turn him out on his own as an adult where my influence will be of lesser value. He’s an amazing boy. See him on instagram if you’d like: @kenzenwolf.

He’s not my only son. I have 4: Jason Jr, Maxamus Blaise-Andrew, & Benjamin James-Isaac. They aren’t the least bit interested in acting, they’re football players. And they’re GOOD at it, it’s their life.

Now, about my genealogy efforts…

My current focus is on my Ingersoll family. Six of my grandfather’s were Ingersoll until one of them had a daughter who caused me not to carry that name, so I almost didn’t work this line & that would be sad, because they make up a good chunk of who I am. Most of them are in Canada (they have a city there named after them) but a few branches exist in America. About 100 years ago somebody published a book about them, with some really cool short stories in it. Over the next decade, I’ll write another one, hopefully to be finished on the 100th anniversary of the last one, which puts it at 2025. That all depends on how helpful the living Ingersolls are, some are more so than others ☺️

I have met SO many fantastic people along this journey. Some dead, some alive. I learn things so fast it’s hard to get it all recorded here to share it, but I try.

When I’m not running my business or traveling with Kenzen, I often pick up a case where I help somebody find their parents. Sometimes they’re adopted, sometimes donors conceived, or one of the other ways humans have to lose track of who their parents are.

I’ve dabbled a bit in genetic genealogy which is particularly useful with parental searches, but decided I don’t really want to be too far into that rabbit hole at this time in my life. I could easily spend all of my days hunting down parents who never thought they’d be found but I learned that I will never get my own lineage in order while I’m distracted with that. So, I’ll undoubtedly revisit it & pay forward with what I’ve learned after I get where I want to be.

This blog is also home to my 52 Stories genealogy project. It’s currently in a really messy form & it sits under the About the Writer menu (I think) but that isn’t working out so I’ll eventually move it around.

You’ll see that some of my pages say: Protected. Those are pages for my bok that is NOT about lineage, but about me & growing up without parents. I’m not sure what to do with all the wisdom I obtained but, its there for my descendants. I’m very much a straight shooter, I tell it like it is, and I’m an oversharer, which is exactly why those pages are protected. Another reason is because I continue to add & delete parts. I’ll be brutally honest then I’ll chicken out & go delete a section… It’s just practice for the book, that is all, testing myself to see if I really am capable of telling all. My youth was pretty “dark & twisty” but I made it out without any tragic incidents. Not every girl does. I tell my stories to youth groups once in awhile & it seems to help them out a bit with perspective… So, yes, those protected pages are a whole other creative project in the works.

Also, when I first meet distant relatives, its best that they don’t know all of my childhood shenanigans right off the bat 😂 there are enough of those in my public 52 stories project, we don’t need the others unleashed just yet. I was a maniac. That is all. Hey, I had no parents! It’ll all be in the book in a few decades.

I hope you enjoy my website, it’s definitely a work in progress, and I’m certainly not a pro web designer, but I’m learning. It’s primary purpose is to share with my cousins, no matter how distant, everything I’ve learned about who we are. Genealogy is a superpower

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