It Happens: Imperfections. Goofs. Oversights. Oopsies.

This happens to me, too. No one is immune. On my maternal side of MY family tree, I am sure there are screw ups. I didn’t do my maternal genealogy, my aunt did. She is pretty darn good too, but still, without a second pair of eyes always checking your work, mistakes happen.

BUT! you should be able to see them coming from a mile away. A genie knows when she’s being careless. Perhaps we slapped in a cousin in law for the sake of getting your actual cousins kids entered into the tree… I am not gonna wanna spend an hour on my cousin in law who lived 200 years ago. I am gonna do my best but I am not going all out on him.

And, the same name used over & over again in families. This drives me nuts.

Needs More Sources
Seeing this icon in my family tree on Ancestry means that you ought to do a bit of your own investigation on this guy, because he may hold a more important position in your tree than he does in mine, such as your Direct Lineage.

When I see that there are FIVE Daniel Ingersoll’s in the same generation, I know that the likely hood of me getting them all perfectly placed is not 100%. So, I have a little icon for the guy I ‘think’ I could have in the wrong place because maybe I saw him in a census away from home & had no way to explain it. He still may be the right Daniel, maybe he went somewhere for a visit. Took a job away from home. Chased a girl across the country. Who knows… but as a genealogist I might be suspicious that the Daniel who matches my guy by stats alone could be a cousin to my currently targeted Daniel. This could cause me problems later as I add wives & children. The truth is bound to come out, so I label this guy for other genealogists who are using my tree for reference & browsing my sources. Instead of having his gravestone (which is creepy anyway, in my opinion) as his profile image, I put up this little ‘Not Well Sourced’ icon. It means I am confident that I got the right guy, but my sources might be shady. Any genie who sees that is going to think twice about taking my word for it on this guys placement. This can even be used when I haven’t done all that I could do & I am not confident, maybe I got sleepy & closed the lid without thinking twice.

I have been slinging my Family Tree Icons all over the net, they get asked for often so I am flattered. You can easily find them anywhere I am mentioned or, just steal them from my tree if you want to. I am pretty easy to work with. Just don’t steal them and sell them to people because, the idea is that they are free.

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