This Quest Is Getting Silly

“A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It’s jolted by every pebble on the road.”

It’s getting ridiculous and I love it. I couldn’t be prouder of myself for picking all the right people to talk to in the right order. Let’s just get the crazy out of this thing all at once.

Before I say anything more, I want to make it clear that I am loving these Ingersoll’s. I couldn’t have started off with a better line. And, without my sense of humor I would not be enjoying it as much.

So, to recap, my little quest is to find as many living relatives as I can before I am done with this world. I have decided I am willing to meet one new person each month. I don’t mean I am flying anywhere & knocking on everybody’s door, I just mean I am gonna interrogate 1 new person per month in a manner which I deem appropriate at the time. I will use my superpower gut thing because it seems to be working so far.

Today I had a conversation with a funny guy. I innocently sent a message asking him to tell me a little about his Ingersoll’s. To summarize, I asked if he knew of any of his Ingersoll’s in Canada, I am working just as much on that branch as I am on the ones who stayed in America. He said as far as he knew, all of his were in Michigan, and definitely none of them had eyes like mine. Odd, I didn’t say anything about eyes, but I know mine hijack my conversations all the time, so… I said “No blues?” He said they had plenty of blues, just not like mine. He sent me this gif that has an old woman in her bathrobe and she’s pointing at her eyes and saying, “My eyes are up here” suggesting perhaps the person talking to her is staring at her breasts. His caption was, “You wont need one of these shirts”. I could not help myself, I returned the chuckle by saying, “Actually I do, I was gifted in that area too”. It’s true, the baby blues have been outdone by the girls plenty. He responds with, “One eye up & one eye down?” I figured I better behave & not egg him on past that, I sensed that he was willing & able to out-do me. I said [whatever works] & changed the subject since there’s a point where this gets awkward for both parties as the bar is raised to see who can outwit who.

Many people, especially genealogists, might have been offended. Not me. I was relieved because it means that again, I did not find a person who is scared to be who they are. I am 2 for 2 and no fakery so far. Or… it could be that I am just sending out this vibe that says, “tease at me, I can handle it. (I mean, my name IS Ts)” Or, the Ingersoll’s could just be a bunch of clowns, we will see.

not really offended
Someone made this for me a few years ago, I’ve been waiting to use it somewhere!

With society being all twisted up lately, you just don’t know what is going to offend somebody. These types of funny comments are, to me, nothing to get all worked up over. It does not mean that he has any ill intentions, it just means he had a funny thought & it could only stay funny if he shared it. If I am the cause of anyone’s cheer, so be it. Glad to be of service? If anyone wants to tell me WHY I should be offended, don’t. I am happy in my bliss.


I figure I deserved a run in with this guy after what I said to the first Ingersoll I met, even though what I said was not that big of a deal, it was still embarrassing for me for a minute because I genuinely meant nothing by it. It just spat out funny. Had I actually been thinking what I SAID out loud, I probably would not have said it. Probably. I don’t know.

The take away for the reader is this: If you’re setting about to find your people for the purpose of actually learning about them vs just scribbling their name into a tree, be ready for anything. Take off your offended pants, and put on your badass leather pants, because you’re gonna need em. There will be Trump voters, there will be #nevertrump voters, there will be Hillary voters, there will be funny guys, monkey suits, muscle-y fellas with really strong energy waves that screw you all up, vegans, people whose food poops on vegans food, SeaWorld lovers, SeaWorld haters, feminists, celebrities, hermits, crazy cat ladies, etc. You are gonna need to look at everyone as though they are your family, because, especially in my case with an uncommon name, they probably are.

This whole thing, the CousinBait-CousinGate is where psychology, genealogy and history converge. And, that’s why I love it. I was a psychology major but I didn’t choose to be a psychologist because, well, they don’t make as much money as insurance agents & I still got to offer counsel in the worst times of peoples lives & re-situate them.

One new person each month. I can do this. I knew it was gonna be fun, and it is. What else is possible? Who can I meet next? Who is my #3?

One last thought… after that whole twitter conversation happened with the guy above, I messaged Nik and I am very aware that on the surface, he doesn’t really CARE about knowing who all of these people are NOW, & he doesn’t really have time to add a bunch of random people to his thoughts, but still, something in my gut tells me that he’s gonna appreciate being able to sit in his rocker on his front porch someday & look at his kids & grandkids with a smirk on his face. He’s going to know what every Ingersoll died from, who is likely to need to get that colonoscopy done a few years earlier than usual, who needs to start getting their mammograms when they’re 16, etc None of the people I find are ever going to know each other, but they’re going to know OF each other & there are going to be things to be proud of. Kinda like that tip of the hat as you look at the final report with all the names, job titles, education levels, special skills, accomplishments, talents, etc.

They say that if you change your attitude, you change your world. On that vein, if you create an attitude, you create a world. Your children absorb what you send them. Send them your blessing, full of the knowledge of your really cool lineage. If you send them an empty blessing, that is just leaving too much to chance. I don’t like taking chances as much when it come to kids.

And as for Nik, he’s innocently getting dragged along for the ride here & I did not see that coming. I did not intend to tell him when I learned anything that had nothing directly to do with him. In fact, I didn’t think I would ever need to speak to him again after the coffee shop. And I don’t need to. But it is neat in a way that is foreign to me, to have this person that is also going to roll their eyes when I find out something ridiculous about a branch we run the risk of being tied to. I can’t wait to find a, say… a bum and point Nik to him & say, “And that there is Chester, 4th cousin” {that might not be a funny joke, but at the moment, I think it is}. Maybe I am feeling compelled because Nik is the first victim of circumstance (is there a better word?) who unwittingly pulled me in from the twitterverse that I will always immediately think “I gotta tell him about this silly thing”. Or maybe I am choosing to keep him in the loop for another reason we know nothing about yet? I only know I texted him pretty quick thinking “my whole damn project is jinxed probably because of what I said the first fateful 20 minutes that set the tone (& my energy) to draw in the funnies from hereon out”.

We got us a funny-style fella in winecountry. And I will see if he belongs in my puzzle. There is a wide consensus that’s developed over the last 100 years that ALL Ingersoll’s connect, I will see about that.


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