Ingersoll means… the Vikings pissed off the wrong people.

This is gonna be an evolving topic. I insist upon getting to the truth because I smell a dirty rat among us.

In the grocery store today I was mindlessly wandering down the cheese row & not really thinking about anything. I think I may have been singing to myself, even, that’s how much I was not thinking about anything. I had this silly thought develop & in about 2 seconds I had it all figured out. Thankfully there wasn’t anyone in my immediate vicinity because I was so amused that I laughed a bit. I got to the salami, grabbed it for my son & moved on, trying not to think about it.

  1. Ingersoll may have been a warrior, particularly the baddest of the badasses. The Urban Dictionary has my go to definition because it goes great lengths to take a whack at the Brits for their douchebaggery in creating the definition in Exhibit 4. I don’t know anything about it’s grandiose claims towards the end, those are pretty powerful promises. I am a descendant of the Ingersoll’s, not a mating partner to one. I highly recommend someone else go find out & report back. Here is the aforementioned account of the name:.

Derived from the language of an ancient and long-forgotten culture, meaning to be of royalty among the gods. An Ingersoll is a warrior of warriors, the baddest of bad-asses…To be an Ingersoll is to be perfect in every way. Those who are born into the name “Ingersoll” rival the manliness and awesomeness of Chuck Norris himself. In fact, it is believed that Chuck Norris was actually once a member of the legendary Ingersoll clan, but when he was denied leadership he detached and was lost in the world….only to resurface centuries later as the current Chuck Norris…Those bearing the name “Ingersoll” are so manly, they have to shave their eyeballs. In fact, after An Ingersoll shaves, he is actually hairier than he was before he shaved. Ingersoll’s are known far and wide for their infamously large penises and ungodly sexual stamina. Ingersoll’s are masters at all aspects of the art know as sex. God

2. The name Ingvar is an Old Norse first name for men common in Scandinavia meaning “protected by Yngvi”. Many notable Scandinavians have had this name, for example, the founder of IKEA, Ingvar Kamprad, the former Swedish Prime Minister, Ingvar Carlsson, and the legendary Swedish king, Ingvar. The feminine version of the name is Inga.

3. Inkersoll is a place where it is possible the recent generations of our people       were when they decided to have a surname.

4. This one troubles me greatly, because my baby boys descend from Ingersoll’s. See, what happened was…

The people at believe it could be an English name. If that is true, the name Ingvarr means “Limper”. I am totally offended for the men in my family if this is the case. And I believe that if it is, the Brits did this on purpose because they despised a group of the fierce conquerors, so they wanted to be catty and come up with the ultimate emasculating translation. The British are known for this type of approach & I know that because I am very familiar with my British heritage. If I could not out-muscle or otherwise out perform the perceived villain, I would just change my end goal and come at them another way.

So, I have some work to do on this. Meanwhile, a piece of useless info to chew on:

Without the Vikings, English would be missing some awesome words like berserk, ugly, muck, skull, knife, die, and cake!

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