Why GedMatch, Why You? What Next?


To date, I have helped 6 donor conceived humans find out who their parents are. And, I was able to do it because they helped ME by being willing upload their DNA segments to wherever I said to. Particularly & specifically GedMatch. I could not have done anything for them if they had not done that. If you’re not searching for a parent, then do whatever you want. Upload & play with it at GedMatch or don’t.

Six is not a large number really, but, I am only 1 person. And it takes a very long time to pull people from the dirts & do the dot-to-dot thing & figure out where all the DNA matches belong in the donor conceived persons tree. So, 6 is actually impressive after I tell you that it was over a period of 2 years. I am working on my 7th but I would not be surprised if that one takes 2 years all by itself, or even 10. She is Jewish, and we’ve gone as far as we can go until more close cousin matches come up. Jewish ancestry is probably best left to psychics but there is a shortage of those in the genealogy business & the dubious nature of their expertise means there isn’t likely going to be an influx of them any time soon. So, there’s that.

At risk of sounding insensitive, I want to address this after being inspired (or perhaps ignited, same thing really) by a few people who have posted that they needed help finding their kin but are afraid that something unfortunate is going to happen in connection to their handing over of the snips (SNPs: DNA puzzle pieces or Single-nucleotide polymorphisms, but ‘snips’ sounds better).

Such seekers need to decide whether they can stand to risk being framed for the murder of Roger Rabbit after having had their DNA swiped from the website, cloned & placed at the scene of his/her demise just for the chance of meeting their father someday. And they need to decide before they ask for help. No search angel is going to pick up your case when you declare in your plea that you do not wish to actually USE your DNA to find your genetically connected relatives who can lead you to your genetically related donor(s).

If you didn’t start your quest to find your family with AncestryDNA’s autosomal test, you should have. Go do that now. More in dept information about how to choose which tests you want to do can be found here: DNA Detectives- Which Test Cece Moore has the best advice there. You should already know who she is if you’re here on my page, but if you don’t, go find out.

What your genetic genealogist does with your DNA is not easy to put into words but since it makes some people feel better, I will try. There are some bloggers who have tried but, I am not a blogger, so I can say it however I want & it’ll actually make some sense. And my greatest wish is that what I do with it today will be outdated, ancient history next week & I will have to come back and update the post.

Once you’ve decided that you’re ready to do whatever it takes to learn your lineage, that you’re all in, you need to take a deep breath and make a list of all of the places you can reasonably expect to be asked to send it. Then start sending it & don’t look back. Here is where your DNA needs to go in order to show you what it knows:

GedMatch- if nowhere else, send it here. You can trust this company with all of your secrets. The rest may be ideal, but without GedMatch, you can’t do anything.

FTDNA & MyHeritage.com They’ll both let you upload AncestryDNA to their site. You may pay something like $20 on one I think it’s still free on the other.

Promethease: You can do without this one, and your genealogist doesn’t need you to run your DNA through it, this is all for you. Your genetic markers will be read within a few minutes and you will be told what genes you carry that are associated with good and bad things. I am adding a tiny piece of mine at the bottom of this blog, if you wanna know all this about yourself, go pay the $5 donation the good peeps @ Promethease ask for. This is only a tiny piece of each report, I have way more good news from my genes than bad news, but

Good Stuff
This is my good news. I am blessed with enhanced hippocampal volume (suggests reliable memory but I feel like I disagree) I am not likely to suffer from dementia, fall prey to date rape drugs or any type of hypnosis. the part in purple is what you see when you click “more” and that has info on why they think the above info is good, the purple part is a mini reconciliation.
Bad Stuff
So, the bad. I would be smart to trade my natural breasts in for falsies (not a chance). Medications for depression & anxiety won’t help (good thing I don’t have those because I would be a very sad girl) & if I get ulcers I am screwed. A bit further down the good page it tells me I have a high pain threshold so maybe that will help out with the ulcery type things when I am old. Not likely to develop a cocaine addiction, probably related to not responding to drugs that would make me happy. And, I don’t know what to say about diabetes because I love sugar, so they better be wrong.

So, the Promethease report is useless to you unless you take it to your Dr and tell them to familiarize themselves with it and perhaps order preventative tests earlier or in a different order. My doc loved this thing because he’s one of those super smart ones at Scripps, but my friends doc looked at it like it was from outer space & had no idea what any of this info had to do with her. Um… maybe that my friend should have her mammogram early, maybe she ought to be a frequent pap flyer, maybe just look at the darn thing? Anyway… good luck finding your roots.

Without Gedmatch you can do it, but nobody is going to help you.

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