“God Took Him.” (wait… what?)

This post is inspired by idiots on facebook. I am gonna list everything I saw them blame God for this week. You can’t talk about death without talking about God. Even atheists consider God one last time when desperate. So, let me preach at you for a minute.

So far this year, there have been 20 million deaths in the world. 

There is a common phrase I hear when a loved one dies. “God called him home” or “God needed an angel”. Some people sit there in grief, mystified, thinking God just killed somebody and they don’t know why but that somehow it’s alright. And they are content with just thinking God had His reasons for calling that “angel” home.

Others take a different stance and they hate God for it. What kind of God would do this? What kind of God lets a child suffer? What kind of God chooses which child to kill? Miscarriage, for example, is very hard on mothers. Is it like some kind of In Vitro gone wrong and He says, wait, wait just a darn minute, I don’t want to plant that many. Out you go, off with your head“. That kind of thinking would reduce our God to a latter day abortionist. I don’t think that is the case.

Not with MY God. If you want to accuse your God of doing that, you go ahead. We have the right in this beautiful country, the US of A to build any God we want. I don’t build mine from any particular scripture because I think scriptures are tricksy. In fact I am not well versed in scripture at all. I was raised with the Holy Bible (KJV) and I know how to look things up but, I prefer to talk to God directly and receive personalized answers. Humans aren’t a scientific experiment, & we don’t all have use for someone else’s answer. Does God give personalized answers? Somebody does. I call it God because it’s smarter than me, whatever it is. I don’t always like the answers so I avoid asking about the small stuff, but I am persistent about getting clarity on the big stuff. Killing innocent people is kind of a big deal. So one day I demanded to know what that was all about. A good friend, my age with also 4 kids, died from Cancer. I needed to know why prayers don’t get answered in cases like this. Why does God seem to lose so much, or refuse mercy or to alter the plan? There is a spiritual reason but this blog is about the logical side of it. Point: God doesn’t kill anybody.

Well, whodunit then? A look at the passive culprits.

So, then who do we blame if we are finally all done blaming God? I will tell ya, its MAN and his free will. I mean, I don’t have all the individual answers because there are millions of situations, but let’s think about WHAT kills humans and lets pick on cancer for a little bit since it’s touched almost every one of us.

When you see the cancer warning labels at the gas pump, do you put on a respirator, do you hold your breath and hope you don’t pass out, or do you just breathe?  Do you even consider the warning label? Or do you only see the price, then lobby for cheaper gas so you can pump more of it? MAN came up with the manipulation process to create gasoline & consumers created the demand for it. So, when someone dies from cancer, we should probably assume first that man took that man out, not God. I believe that God is just there to walk him to his next phase because his energy is done with this one, He is often referred to as the “comforter” right? Cancer gives you time to prepare vs being run down by a FedEx truck. Take it for what it is & pray that your doctors are open to divine inspiration because we are increasingly sending it into remission. Western medicine is a gift.

Western medicine is a gift man usually will find a way to screw into a curse. Some contraceptives are known to cause cancer & birth defects. Do we stop using them? Do we know how they may alter our body chemistry? Do we know if they are mutating genes that we are about to pass down to our offspring? The warning is there in black and white on the leaflet they throw in the bag when they fill the prescription. It will be generations before we know what the contraceptives of today will cost the kids we choose to have once it is convenient. Of course, we cant live without contraceptives, me included. So, we gotta be smarter about this. Take ownership when called out & be willing to give up what you find to be more harmful than good. But nobody likes to take ownership, so we argue instead.

We feel we are all innocent. If what I am saying is right, the person who made the offending ‘disease causer’ will have to answer for it, right? That could be true. By that guys fruits, God will know him (translation: would that person have chosen not to if they knew what the consequences were? If there’s a God, it knows that answer.) And the rest of us aren’t off the hook. We have to explain, before we can move on, why we supported the industry once we found out how deadly it was proven to be or why we ignored every indication that it was deadly.


Silica is also connected to cancer. But workers (I used to make glass) use it in factories to make glass, and we buy the glass. We created demand. The dust created by cutting, grinding, drilling or otherwise disturbing these materials can contain crystalline silica particles. These dust particles are very small. You cannot see them. This respirable silica dust causes lung disease and lung cancer. It only takes a very small amount of airborne silica dust to create a health hazard. Silica is naturally a part of our bones, but we weren’t intended to grind it up and breathe it. We kill ourselves off. If you want evidence of that, visit World Health Organization and poke around for a bit, you will chase any offending death back to its origins in most cases. I still worked there knowing it was more than just physically dangerous. The process intrigued me, made me feel smart & tough, because it aint easy to make glass in the large plates which I made it. I was the leader of my team, the boss. Not only did my team need my direction but the robots went off the hizzy when I wasn’t there. Then politics eventually shut the place down for this reason: Pilkington Glass I was laid off due to lack of seniority long before that though as they phased out all of their work which took 10 years. But, that is an example of us doing something about it! The unsafe chemicals. All of us knew they were out of compliance and went to work anyway. If any of us have cancer, that’s my first suspect. And I will feel awful, knowing that I signed up for that.

The loss of life that angers us, hurts us, cuts us deep.

Drunk drivers… who chose to drink and get behind the wheel? Did God make that drunk get in the car & smash into that innocent mother & send her to her death (then keep the drunk alive)? No… that was man and that damned ol’ free will again. The God I think I know said repeatedly that He would not take away our free will. Creating creatures with a will of their own is risky, even for an almighty God, but he’s counting on us to do the right thing without being forced, that’s what it’s all about. Whether humans are blessed or cursed is our own choice. God set before us the possibilities of life and death, but we decide which possibilities we shall actualize. And I think we take the lessons learned here into a next phase, whatever you believe that phase that is. We are energy, & energy doesn’t go away just because our bodies do. The physics sound good to the agnostic.

Gene mutations, you can bet we did that ourselves through breeding, as bad as it hurts to say that. When I took my son in for a braces consultation, I casually asked what causes such a mess in ones teeth structure. He told me it was breeding. Someone with a smaller bone structure would breed with someone with a much larger frame and the offspring may inherit the smaller jaw but the bigger teeth, something to that effect. Well, then the offspring with the crooked teeth continues to pass that gene to more offspring. So, is this our back problems too? Hip problems? Then people die in surgery getting their hip replaced and we say God called them home. What have we yet to learn about the consequences of our breeding practices? Maybe the dentist was full of crap. Sounded sensible though. I am just thinking out loud here. I don’t know for sure that God isn’t up there picking us off… but it sounds ridiculous to me.

And then, there are the cases where somebody is just old and their time really is up. 

What we can ask & reasonably expect from God is knowledge to figure out what happened to our loved one and the insight and wisdom to prevent it or extend lifespan in the future, but we can’t ask him to take free will from the person who came up with the idea to use gasoline to fuel a car, or who carried a mutated gene so that they couldn’t choose to breed offspring. I got another one for ya! Autism is up to 1 in 45 humans now. ONE IN 45! So far, they say this is genetic, so somebody is carrying the gene and it was probably from exposure to specific chemicals (that probably man concocted and released into the world in abundance) or radiation or gasoline or hair dye, we have some ideas… what we need from God are blessings of insight and guidance. And we need to be willing to receive that guidance. That still small voice within that gives us the answer when we ask, “is this going to harm more than hurt? Who will it hurt, and can I live with that?” Then again, Autism could just be a really old segment of DNA that hasn’t evolved. That is suggested in the 3rd paragraph of the Intro section of this article & it’s what I thought/believed anyway long before I read this article which I just found 5 minutes ago only so I could link it here & it happened to confirm what I already knew. That happens a lot to me. It’s an Empath thing.

No, I am not missing the spiritual side of this. 

If you go along with the biblical teachings, you’d understand that every soul came here with the chance to show their true selves. If God took away man’s free will, how would the wolf get out of the sheep’s clothing? How would the more righteous demonstrate their worthiness to obtain divine status and power? Unfortunately, man is allowed to choose to hurt one another. We are allowed to punish the innocent, torture them even. On the cross, Jesus asked his father, “Why hath thou forsaken me?” It was the will of the men to crucify His only begotten son, and God did not take that from them. But, he did send down a blessing with it, the atonement. He made something good come from a horrible situation, without taking anyone’s free will from them. That’s MY God. Tell me about yours.

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