Calling All Gods. Yes, all of them.

“I need a large army.” -Viserys Targaryen

Seriously, ALL of the Gods??

Pshh, Yeah. Have you seen social media lately? We are off our rockers. I will take any God that’s not busy. I am not sure how many Gods there are. I am not educated in religious differences. but I need them all. It’s pretty simple.

This website isn’t about religion any more than life in general is about religion. I think that the idea of a God crosses every single person’s mind many times throughout their lives. It crosses mine daily, still I am not particular about what others believe of God.

My blogs will irk anyone who thinks there is only one religion God likes. That can’t be true. If he only liked one, then he would ignore all others & He doesn’t. If he did, then we’d all assume the LDS was his favorite because 1) they are wealthy 2) they are successful 3) overall they’ve got the best record for family unity which is the foundation of lifetime happiness. However, you see that many members of other religions are able to call upon blessings, so he’s not hating on anybody over a label. I am not too picky about who in the Universe I get the answer from, what I am critical of is how divine the answer feels. I think I know when I’m being fed rubbish.

Think out loud. That’s what I do here. I have my own answers to life’s difficult questions, but true to my nature, they just lead to more questions. I don’t know how often I will write, once or twice a year, maybe more. The blog is currently public but may be private later if I decide that only my descendants would be interested in it. I suppose it could offend too many people & cause an abundance of hate mail. Which I love, by the way, for when I need ideas for hate mail I’d like to send. I hope I get to write often because it’s like meditating. I could do this all day.

My religious background is limited. My spiritual background is not. As a kid, I had friends whose parents took me to church, everybody wanted to save the motherless child. Different churches with different ideas about who God is & how it works, I loved going to some of them. I respect them all. Well, wait (I am about to offend)… There is one that scared me half to death when I was 8: The Pentecostal church. My grandmother was apparently knocked out by the Holy Ghost there. She was literally laid out on the floor! Probably got caught in the altar’s mosh pit as others were jumping around full of said Holy Ghost. I am sure God has his purpose for that religion but, I am not part of that particular purpose. I gotta hand it to those who are, they’re good people but I don’t get it. Religion is a calling, I think. You go where you are called & do your best to be your best. Your church is whichever one makes you the best version of yourself. This is why I am not preachy or particular & while I mention God in blogs & on pages, I don’t insist my views become anyone else’s & I am open to mine being wrong. Hence, I’ve kept God & religion completely separate. Thus, my spirituality thrived.

*If you want to know more about what I think of God, stick around because this is the only place I will describe my foundation. Otherwise check out Tomfoolery  for some laughs. You will see why I needed ALL the Gods. 


Yeah, about God…

What my blog wont ever be: a preachy blog (I hope, although I am kind of bossy) even though the entire premise of a blog is to sling your thoughts around. I am only explaining myself here because you’re still reading so you must be curious. I think its a higher power, & probably a spiritual energy that can take any shape or form that he/she/it wants to & any gender that suits it that day or no gender at all (because really, what would be the purpose of a God restricting itself to a gender?) because gender is a human thing. I think He will choose whichever one resonates best with the human He is talking to. I generally accept the Bible’s description & refer to Him as a He because I know that He may well have appeared as a human man to those who needed to SEE an image, & many denominations argue over specifics of image, but I am not hung up on it. I speak to God through what I would describe as prayer, but less formal & more like I would speak to a human, and not out loud. Many people pray out loud & that’s fine, but I won’t. Mostly because it would take longer to use actual words than just packaging up what I want to say into a neat little telepathic encrypted sentiment. Takes 10 seconds & delivers every single word. Imagine that I mentally place Him in a spot somewhere close to me but not touching the earth, then I plug in with an imaginary cord, like a bolt of energy, for a second & exchange the message, I may include an attachment of emotion if applicable. We already have scientific proof that animals use telepathy, so I think we can too. He seems to send the response exactly the same way, I don’t hear it, I don’t see anything, I just feel it I guess. Have you ever felt that someone read your mind? Maybe you sent them the message without recognizing it. I do this to my husband all the time. If he’s at the store, I might think, “I should tell him to get salami.” Then I decide not to tell him because it’s unhealthy & I don’t need it. Guess what he comes home with? That salami, which he doesn’t eat, we haven’t had in the house in months, it had nothing to do with what he went to the store for, that I wanted but decided not to ask for. It happens a lot but only when I am not trying to make it happen. I think trying to do it screws up the thing that makes it work.

Since I am so simple & informal, any attempt I could ever make to preach at somebody would never be compatible with any one religion & my sermons would lack consistency. Christians would drive me crazy trying to correct me. Occasionally, I will reference God and the role I think He has in my life, in the world, etc. But by the time any descendants read this, society will have perverted religion so far that it leaps off of a cliff, drowns itself in shallow water and quietly buries its head in the sand, because that’s where it wants to be when Jesus comes back, far away from the responsibility of us. So, I think readers can rest assured knowing that there will be no moral suckerpunches here.

How do I get answers to life’s most outrageous questions?

From the Gods? Or meditation. Yoga. I pray daily. Oh OK, sometimes I do forget. But the funny thing is that God talks to me even when I am not talking to Him (or them) and even when I did not ask Him for His opinion. So I figure that counts as daily and which ever one of us initiated the conversation is beside the point. Every day I am guided by intuition and influenced by something divine. I assume God is behind it, whatever and whoever God is, & I know that this higher power is quite fond of me because it’s in my life every single day. Unsolicited information is just fed through my thick skull at the exact time I need it. It has saved my life and others & prevented me from making some lousy choices. Can’t argue with that, it is what it is. I’ll take it. And write of it.

Just Knowing Things… 

I take heat sometimes because I am more spiritual than I am religious. My very best friend in the whole world goes crazy over it because she is very “Fire & Brim-stoney”. I am sure she thinks I am going to hell because when it comes to issues that do not make sense, I rely on my intuition and that, to me, is a spiritual thing. Once my intuition makes the call, there’s no going back. I don’t care what the scripture says once I get that feeling in my gut that something isn’t the way we interpret it. It’s not my fault, I was born this way, I was not raised by a family that had religion all figured out. In fact, I was not raised by a family at all (also a story for another blog, if I choose to tell it). I got the intro to religion from a grandmother who only went to church on key holidays but she believed her Bible had all the answers. And it has many, at first glance. But to me it only has a thousand invitations to a thousand more questions. Yet, it is the foundation for what I think it is that “runs things”. Because something does, and whatever it is, I feel connected to it. Some people don’t. Fine.

So, is the Devil mentioned here too?

No. If I believe in God, then I must believe in a devil right? Oh yes, I think I do. A scantly understood wicked little ball of demonic energy they used to call Lucifer, because at one time, he was quite decent. You’re going to laugh when I tell you I do have a tiny bit of sympathy for him. Why? Because the bible tells us God created everything. EVERYTHING. That means nasty ol Lucifer too, unless you want to suggest Lucifer could have created himself? Does any other being have the power to create in the same way God does? We really don’t know a lot about Lucifer except that he supposedly will stop at nothing to cause a good ruckus. He must drive even himself crazy. Supposedly there is no chance of salvation for him, as we blame ALL of our bad behavior & misuse of free will on him. That makes for a miserable fella & its no wonder he’s such a villain. I could be wrong about his status, and I am OK with that, because I don’t think that what I think of the devil pertains to my salvation or anyone else’s. In my mind he is just some mass of roguish energy that we are all tempted by. A scapegoat.

I respect the scriptures, but I haven’t read most of them. Some things are absolute, like the 10 Commandments. Some things are left up to interpretation and some orders from God were given to people in different situations during different times of this world. Some things were plain and simply mistranslated and then there is King James who liked to pick and choose what books stayed and what ones went. We don’t know the half of it when it comes to religion.

I hope this page helps you understand & appreciate moments_by_tadp0l3-d2b6cfpthe title of the blog because many will immediately take issue with that, probably even 100 years from now. Religion is a good
thing overall. But it is not a simple thing. And to say that my belief in higher power doesn’t influence any thoughts I share would be silly. It influences our entire country & all of our laws.

So, with the disclaimers and clarifications out of the way, this show may go on.


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